The HBCU Major Division Football Top 10, with number of first-place votes, record in parentheses, total points, previous ranking, and next opponent:

Name——————Record–1PV-Points-PWR–Next Game-(10/15/09-10/17/09)
1. Prairie View A & M–(3-1)–(4)–92—-2—(vs-Miss. Valley State)
2. S. C. State———(4-1)–(3)–88—-3—(vs-#3-Florida A & M)
3. Florida A & M——-(4-1)–(2)–87—-1—(at-#2-S. C. State)
4. Morgan State——–(4-1)——-64—-5—(vs-Howard)
5. Southern————(3-2)——-56—-6—(vs-Fort Valley State)
6. @-Grambling State—(3-3)——-41—-7—(at-Alabama State)
7. Alabama A & M——-(4-2)——-39—-4—(at-Alcorn State)
8. Hampton————-(3-2)——-23—-8—(at-Norfolk State)
9. Arkansas P. B.——(3-2)——-18—-10–(Open)
10. Tennessee State—–(3-3)——-11—-NR–(vs-Murray State)

Dropped Out: N. C. A & T State-(3-3)

Receiving Votes: N. C. A & T State-(3-3)-9, Miss. Valley State-(2-3)-7, Norfolk State-(2-3)-4, Alcorn State-(1-3)-2, Alabama State-(3-2)-1

PWR = Previous Week Ranking
1PV = 1st Place Votes

@ = TSPN & 3C 2008 HBCU Football Major Division National Champion

Major Division = Division I Championship Subdivision (FCS) / (Formerly NCAA Division I-AA)

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  1. Prairie View has gotten past their only mental block (Grambling). To me, that was our test. Coach Frazier won Coach of the Year last year. Don’t sleep…the sky is the limit now. Watch out!!!!

  2. Come on man/or lady!!! Defeated by South Carolina and Miami. These are not cupcakes, unlike a loss to New Mexico State. Just because PV beat Grambling this year, doesn’t make them worthy of the number on spot. Are they ranked in any FCS(excluding HBCU) polls? NO!!!

  3. I love when people try to down PV and we prove you wrong. PV has a great team this year and I know they would hand both MEAC SCHOOLS A L! PV ALL THE WAY! SET YOUR HOMECOMING OUT, SET IT OUT… SET IT OUT… SET IT OUT!


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