tsulogoThe Texas Southern University Department of Athletics is launching a fundraising effort using a social media product of FanRaiser.org.  TSU has agreed to use the FanRaiser Cause to equip its academic support center.  The campaign begins August 21.

“We are excited about the opportunity to use this social media network in raising funds to enhance our academic support center for our student-athletes,” said Charles McClelland, TSU Athletics Director.  “This computer equipment will provide our student-athletes valuable assistance in the pursuit of their academic goals.

The FanRaiser Cause is a service which allows an athletic department to post a specific need on the FanRaiser.org website. The details of the Cause are displayed on a dedicated page which includes the purpose of the Cause and the dollar amount needed to successfully fund the Cause. FanRaiser has also developed widgets which can be posted on affiliated websites to show the progress of the campaign.  TSU has set a goal of $54,500 for this Cause.

“This program provides another avenue for our alumni, fans and supporters to help us expand the academic support we provide to our student-athletes,” said McClelland.  “We want to insure that our student-athletes have the academic support needed to succeed in the classroom.”

“We are pleased that TSU has chosen to use our services for this social media effort,” said FanRaiser CEO Kenn Rashad.  “The Tiger faithful will get the opportunity to raise money using viral social networking techniques we’ve developed specifically to serve college athletic programs.”

fanraiserFanRaiser.org is a non-profit organization created to provide fundraising solutions and services to collegiate athletic programs throughout the United States. The organization was created on evidence that many of today’s athletic programs are constantly faced with budget challenges. By leveraging the power of the Internet, FanRaiser.org provides a social media platform that empowers alumni and fans with the opportunity, through their donations, to keep collegiate athletic programs on a winning path.

Reference links:
FanRaiser.org website – http://www.FanRaiser.org
Texas Southern/FanRaiser website – http://FanRaiser.org/tsucause
Texas Southern Athletics website – http://tsuball.com/


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