Montgomery, Ala. – The NCAA has issued Alabama State University a notice of allegations that contains 24 possible NCAA rules violations and nine requests for additional documents/information.

The NCAA document describes one or more incidents or occurrences of potential NCAA rules violations per alleged infraction.

University officials are reviewing the notice of allegations to determine if the alleged infractions are credible. The University will respond to the notice of allegations by June 27, 2008.

A notice of allegations is one of many steps in the NCAA enforcement process. University officials look forward to completing the final step, the hearing before the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions, in August. The Committee on Infractions will determine whether the notice of allegations against the University and the named parties is correct.

Alabama State University remains committed to cooperating with NCAA staff throughout this process.

“It is the duty of the University’s administration and its staff to work within the guidelines set by the NCAA while still protecting the University’s name, its student athletes, faculty, staff and alumni’s right to confidentiality,” said President Joe A. Lee. “We want the swift but thorough and fair conclusion of this investigation, and will continue to work with the NCAA to achieve this goal.”


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