We've lost one of our own. Rest in peace Michael "Robber" Robinson.

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I saw this in the SWAC Lounge on FB and I prayed it was a joke. I'm like "wait, ROBBER?!" I know it's been a while for Jag-Tig, but I had to come here where it all began. Like many of you who were here in the very early days of THE SWAC PAGE, I have fond memories of Robber and his posts and the interactions we all had with each other. Back then, it was the one connection we all had in those early days of online forums. Y'all we had the best time! I can remember so many times crying laughing in my office at some of the posts! And Robber was right there in the middle of it all. Good times. Rest in peace Mike. Praying for strength for his family during this time. -- Laronica aka Jag-Tig
What a blow. I haven't been on this board in a good minute and this is what I run into. He seemed to be a good brotha, a sound legal scholar and had some levity to give.

Sleep peacefully man.
I never met Robber in person, but we had some very interesting exchanges especially on the old SWACPage.
So sorry to hear of this. Condolences to his family.
Wow????? I can't believe this...............So SORRY to read this post......A LOYAL JACKSON STATE MAN and AVID supporter. May GOD Bless his soul and his family
RIP to a great brother. Lots of smiles and Laughter. Our JSU/SU year round back and forth was always Good Fun.
Prayers going up for the kids, family, and the JSU mafia.
RIP Robber... May God give his family and friends comfort during this time of bereavement... Prayers up!

My heart-felt condolences are extended to Mike's family and the JSU family.

Take your rest, Robber!

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I've been in and out of pocket, but Robber was one of the greats. When I was in college at SU, I found this place (I think it was on CNN then) and I was get into stuff with GR (as JaguarD) and then the "sensible one" as I called him would come in with something that I could do nothing with. I never got the chance to meet Michael, but I found out more and more about him from Facebook in the last few year or so. We were "enemies (Jags-Tigers, Redskins-Cowboys), but the guy was genuine as could be. It really makes you think about the stuff we spend each day doing, even on here, when you see a good guy go away. RIP Robber .... You will definitely be missed.