Trifling Chickens!!

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I seriously hope that blaquebuterfly isn't serious. If so, boo, you need to chill out and not take this stuff so seriously.


Preach on, brotha.

You dont realize the real problem. The problem with all of these lazy triflin, neck rollin, finger pointing women is simple......OPRAH WINFREY. Thats when the problem started.

See, Oprah done told these women they dont have to cook and they dont have to do the basic to get and keep a man. but guess what, she aint got one either. On top of that, she doesnt have to cook either. There are a lot of things you dont have to do when you have a billion dollars around.

Misery Loves Company
Get Ready,

You hit the nail on the head. They want take advice from one that has a man. I been telling people that for years.