Somebody...Anybody...WHY can't we all get along?

Not open for further replies. that anyone and everyone who has wanted or wanted to hook up on this board has 10 times ovah....and @ this point they fall into one of the following:

a) love each other
b) hate each other
c) wish they had never hooked up in the first place
d) hate'n because somebody else hooked up first
e) hate'n because couldn't hook up at all
f) don't give a fudge
g) will hook up again regardless
h) won't ever do that shat again

so....that's a mute topic...:lol:

So, where was I when all this was going on? I missed out on the party? Nobody email, called, PM me or anything.

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I guess someone Deleted my post... but like i said.. most BLACK women are like that... Jealous and ENvious about every single little thing of another woman, Especially if she's attractive, or has a man that she want's or whutever

No one deleted your post. You're in the wrong damned thread. :lmao:

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What happened to the REAL questions? I want to learn some more about some of these people on here. That way I can weed out who I need to be around and who I dont. Who I need to be trying to "get with" and who I need to run from.

BNB, I wonder the same thang. <hand under chin>
Hope we learn quick! :nod:
Not open for further replies.