Should Frats/Sors be forced to integrate at PWCs/HBCUs?

Should ALL fraternities/sororities

  • Yes

    Votes: 4 21.1%
  • No

    Votes: 15 78.9%

  • Total voters
with me coming from Nationals, and seeing a couple of white Alphas and AKA's, I can just ask this, only pertaining to my fraternity. Why would any white man want to join an organization that one of the colors BLACK stands for the race of our people???

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Re: Any white Deltas?

Originally posted by Bartram
Just curious.:confused:

I am curious too.

I have seen a White Kappa in Atlanta and Latino Alphas in Texas. But I have not seen any White AKAs or Deltas.
You know I can come up with a good story in just about every situation.

While serving in Germany Omega made a requested to operate as a community group organization. We met all the requirements but were turned down because we were an all Black Organization. After some discussion on this matter the Commander said that if we had whites in our organization, he will approve our request. We asked for specific number. He said One. About two days later we showed up with our white brother and the commander was in shock, but he immediately approved Omega to function in the community. :D
Hey B, another good story.

I recall during an interview of new applicants. The white Brother asked, If you make the Fraternity, how would you feel about a white man trying to get in. Well the young man could not come up with an answer, so the white Brother said to the young man, do you realize I am White? The young man said no, I thought you were a red "N". I guess you know the brothers were ROTFLTAO.

You had to be present to hear the exchange that took place on that day.
Mighty Dog has some stories, doesn't he ??

Originally posted by EB

I am curious too.

I have seen a White Kappa in Atlanta and Latino Alphas in Texas. But I have not seen any White AKAs or Deltas.

I saw a White Omega at Freaknik in 1994 (had it on tape). He was from Mississippi to boot. I was like :eek: whoa !!

I also met a White AKA. She pledged at the University Of Evansville in Evansville, IN. Last time I ran into her (about 10 years ago) she was dating this African brother from Tuskeegee.


I think that White Kappa went to Georgia Tech (heard the same thing). But like you, I've NEVER seen or heard of a white Delta.
Just because you haven't seen one...

...doesn't mean they dont exist. There are white memebers in all of our beloved BGLO's. But I have seen more white Sigmas than any other group.

My question to any white person wanting to join a BGLO is why? I mean in regards to the Kappas and alphas..I really want to understand their logic. I mean the Kappas and alphas were both formed at PWC's where we had to ban together. How can any white person ever understand the type of discrimination that my founders had to endure. They have never been and probably never will be able to understand!
Actually, I think that the Kappa went to Georgia State. This was many years ago.
,,, mouth is just hanging open. had to read these twice.

yeah Suge, I'd have to agree with your summation. what intrigues me is how they get into the "circles" to even become interested in the first place. I would really like to observe that dynamic working on the college campuses today. (i suspect these are either white boys who were/are athletes and/or considered "cool" in high school or they were heavily influenced by a black environment growing up. just a theory.:idea: )

A white Omega at Freaknik of all places????? you have GOT to be kidding me. Dude must have been an undercover officer or something.:eek: Ok,,, I'd love to be in on the conversation between the white AKA and her uuuuuh,, daughter upon her daughter going to college and wanting to join a sorority; ",, mom, I'm interested in ______; why did you join AKA????" :confused:

OK dang-it,,, I got one for yall; have you ever seen a white female in a black sorority at a step show steppin???!!!!:eek: ( if you say "yes", I'm going to be like Fred Sanford having the big one; straight up.:eek: )

MightyDog,,,,, :D :D :p that must have been a CLASSIC interviewing process is all I can say!:D Man, how do yall relate to dude years after the fact?:confused: I can't imagine the stories dude has about the whole process. Incredible and interesting. Have never had to deal with a situation like that.

I saw the aforementioned white AKA steppin....needless to say she was a little off, but there were some gorgeous Georgia peaches (her sorors) in the step show with her.


That melanin-deficient was standing next to two super-swoll Omegas on the street by some cars as me and my peeps were walking to Piedmont Park.
??! Phatback, I am Abs MORTIFIED. Whites at PanHel Mtgs.

I done had da big one,,,,,,,,,,,, can't move.

Incredible. Welp, guess I need to get with the times as far as my paradigm of black fraternities and sororities goes.

Ok, ok,,,,, what about PanHel meetings here in the deep south????????????:confused: Are you telling me white mugz be posted up at PanHel meetings in dis mug??!:eek: :eek: :eek:

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