Official "ATLANTA" Thread

This shit is going to be off the chain!!!!

I saw some previews a while back. Man they country as hell!!!! Imagine black Tupac's but country/ghetto/hood
Donald Glover is a brilliant guy....Actor/ Rapper/ Comedian/ Director/ Producer. I know this show will be good just because he's associated with it.

Atlanta, FX’s new series from Donald Glover, premieres Sept 6 on FX.

So, is this supposed to be based off of a real rap group like OutKast?

I doubt it. Outkast grew up in the SWATS, this is set in Dekalb. Also keep in mind that Glover himself grew up in DeKalb. If you follow his music at all you'd kinda see that his character is a bit more realistic to who he is.
LMAO!!! The dude who was called out for being gay. Then the dude who said he was locked up because of the dude he has not seen in 11 years. LMAO!!!!

Ep 1: The bus ride/Muslim scene was weird. That dude was crazy..Let the path push you like a broken branch in the rivers current.....Bite this sandwich, N' if you don't bit this sandwich!

Ep 2: My favorite scene/quote...N' you gay, that N' gay as hell.....Man I aint gay, ya'll N' f guys up in here anyway. That aint gay that's jail. You was on the outside fn booty hole. That was a funny scene, why dude didn't realize that his "girl" wasn't a girl and would've been in a different jail.
Just caught the first 3 episodes. I like it because it is original and different...kinda feel like I know some of the characters...I guess it is because it's set in the hood south, and some of the mannerisms hit close to home. Yeah, that scene with the brother in jail because he was drinking with someone he hadn't seen in 11 years had me ROTFL...