Homelessness in Florida becoming a middle-class problem


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The average price for a 3-bedroom apartment in Tampa (the city where the woman lives in the hotel) is $3,186.

According to Zillow, the average price of a single-family home in the state of Florida is $367,000.

The middle class -- not just in Florida but across the country -- is being priced out.

And investors are trying to hoodwink folks currently in homes to sell…smh & lol


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Yep. I was told by a realtor that these investors are buying up new homes in subdivisions. The whole street if allowed. I'm curious as what's going to happen eventually. It has to bottom out and folks are going to be in serious trouble.
Allows you to manipulate and control the market, especially the rental market.


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We were in the Cayman Islands for spring break and people who work on the Island cant afford to have places of their own. I am talking about some of the hotel and restaurant managers. Same thing, investors basically have bought up the entire island.