HBCU Baseball/Softball Scores Thread 2


Deeeeep In The Delta.....
Valley's first year coach is going to have to get rid of some of the attitudes on his team. Aamu is not coached well enough to sweep a four-game series even though they have much of the talent that they need to do so. The Bulldogs were depending on further collapse of Alabama State softball. It is going down the drain the girls run that ASU team.

1/3 of the team graduates so some will leave but you are pretty spot with the bolded and I think Coach Buckner does as well (I've seen it with my own eyes and other stuff that I won't post on here). You can't get mad at him for leaning on some of the seniors because they've the ones that have produced this season. Weed out the bad seeds and come back with a revamped roster with 2 more arms and consistent bats