Election Day 2020

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With all of that outreach to "suburban women" which is just code for "White women", they voted for Trump more than they did in 2016. I don't understand some brothas (mostly online) who have convinced themselves that sistas are our enemies but then gas these broads up.
Because those same sistas had ZERO issues trashing black men. Especially after it was reported more black men voted for Trump and the hit pieces from Feminists came out.

Trump will still be calling the shots so unless the Democrats win those GA senate seats, joe will have to do alot through executive order. McConnell is a master at obstruction. He's already said that he will not approve of any federal judges who aren't moderate-conservative.

Look at how fast Lindsay and ted cruz got their worthless asses up and ran on fox after Donald Jr complained on Twitter about how the GOP isn't supporting his Dad's post-election fight.

We can celebrate the victory, but these people aren't about to work with Biden when they know 1) Trump can wreck their future political aspirations in ome tweet, 2) Trump is still eligible to run in 2024.
Until he gets locked up or better yet dies, he's going to "announce " a 2024 re election campaign shortly, still have rallies, and raise a ton of money from his gullible supporters.
He should have crossed the river in Walter Reed! Dirty bastard!
This thread is a HOF thread forever....

Not open for further replies.