Big City vs. Little Town

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I'ma city boy with country memories...

My grand parents had the creek right in the backyard, so fresh fish was as common as hot-water corn bread. Many a time I would go on the back porch and see dinner swimming in a number 10 wash tub. But it had to be out by dark cuz somebody was gonna have to take a bath then.

I remember those big brown eggs and thick milk. The cream was still in then and it just tasted different than the milk at school. Don't get attached to any new baby chicks, it might be frying later that summer.

You haven't laughed until you see a squirrel get drunk from eating rotten peaches. Running into trees and falling on their fuzzy arses.

Running through the corn hiding from my cousins was fun until we had to start picking that darn corn. And don't let somebody hit you with a ear of that hard azz stuff.

My next door neighbor gave me my first taste of corn squeezings (Moonshine). That stuff was smoother than D-Nice in a winter white sweater pushing up on Suge's baby's momma. :D


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MJ, you had no idea peeps would respond like this did ya?

ugh, I think it's time someone closed this darn thread.


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86, those northern boys had nothing coming, they called us country though, because of our accents. You live up here, so you know how they think of people from the south anyway, no matter what city you're from, you're still country to them.

Robber, I remember those milk crates, and oil cans, I got one better, try a milk carton, with rocks in them as a basketball.
How could a city person win, against those kind of odds. They were too happy to see me come with real gear. If they wanted to play with real gear, it had to come from the church's rec room.



Ms. J4J what you know about street baseball. I played that up til I was graduating from high school. That and 4 square ball, all in the street. Then we'd have to move over a little when a car came by, but always acted like we were too mad at being interrupted to move completely out of the street.

Frozen cups, yes yes yes. Still make them when I make red kool-aid in the summer time. They used to sell the ones with fruit cocktail in the bottom for .25. And what about penny(.01) candy. I'd save my money to get a dollar and then I'd get 100 pieces. I'd eat til I was sick. I have never seen a candy lady house anywhere in BR.

Robber you got the basketball goal all mixed up. The basketball goal is a rim from a bicycle tire with the spokes poked out.

You know what since I'm moving back let me change my signature.

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Re: I'ma city boy with country memories...

Originally posted by AAMU Big Dawg
Many a time I would go on the back porch and see dinner swimming in a number 10 wash tub. But it had to be out by dark cuz somebody was gonna have to take a bath then.
<font size=4>rotflmao!!!!</font>

ummm somebody take 50 points off MsJ4J country score. They had "real baseball bats and balls". :uhoh:

We used the best piece of wood we could find or a tree limb. For a ball, it was an old piece of rubber, or a pine cone, an old shoe or whatever we could find.


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Miami Jag really started something with this thread. But trust me he's as country as a chicken coop. He's from Winnsboro (either "over the slough", "behind the courthouse", "outta the ville", or from "back of the schoolhouse". Then again he might be claiming. Sometimes them Franklin Parish boys "be" from LiddieVille out near "The Prell" and try to claim Winnsboro.

BG Jag===> I bet that Gilbert dude was probably one of them big head Beckwith brothers.

Crazier Jag===> Do you realize SI won that district 6years in a row with no losses? We used to put the wood on yo azz when you hit the "skillet" (gridiron). Too bad we couldn't ever get those Monroe sissies to play us. We were single A, but they didn't want none.

BlueBengal===> I was told that they have reopened Danny's. I know I will have to work all the holidays at Poppa D's, but I will probably drive down to Vidalia and have me a few drinks with those fools for a minute anyway!

Saniyaa====> I'm still not gonna stop in Ferriday...Dem nuckas are crazy!!!!:lmao:

DTJ===> Trust me, ain't no party like a North La Party cuz a North La Party don't quit!!!!
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