America is About to See How Important it was to Vote

We were much better off in my opinion but we craved eating where white folk eat. We were convinced that what we had was 'less than' but in truth we were good.
I would say you are partially right; there were some that wanted to be in their spaces, but there were other areas where we prospered on our own. Then, because of their jealousy they took what was ours forcibly or underhandedness offering pennies on the dollar for land; which again was by force, but in their eyes, at least we got something out of it.
So you're cool with going back to the back of the bus? lol. I guess.

Nobody wants to go to the back of the bus.

What folks want is while we had segregation -we way more black do for SELF and do it with PRIDE.

When folks did not want to sell to us-we didn't cry about it. We made it our self and didn't try to shortchange each other to provide inferior service.

Yes our black schools did not have this or that but we did not HARP on it. And our kids still came out better than their counterparts.

Because we had NO choice. Because we had no options. The power of choice comes with a price as did integration.

Black folks forget to keep up standards in the hood while running to get what the white man had.

Well, according to exit polls from the national election pool, 84 percent of Black men who voted in Georgia’s election cast ballots for Abrams. Raphael Warnock, on the other hand, won a whopping 85 percent of Black male voters. Not only is that basically a statistical tie, but it also reveals that Abrams’ support from Black men was equal to the Democrats’ level of support from Black men nationwide (82 percent).