A Florida judge sentenced Dante Martin to more than 70 months in prison in connection with the 2011 hazing death of Florida A&M drum major Robert Champion.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Before her ruling Circuit Judge Renee Roche called Martin a “remarkable young man” with “limitless potential” and a strong support system, based on testimony. She added, “On the other hand, the circumstances of this death were so profoundly disturbing.

“Forgiveness… doesn’t have a role in the legal system,” she said. The goal of sentencing, she said, is “punishment… All other things are secondary.”

Martin, 27, faced up to 22 years in prison for his role in the killing.

In October, an Orange County jury found Martin guilty of manslaughter and other charges in the hazings of Champion and two other band members.

Robert Champion Sr., told the court that his son never supported the violent nature of hazing.

“My son was against hazing,” he said. “Not one time in court have you heard that my son put his hand on anybody.”

“Today we’ve got to set an example that this has got to stop now.”

Our initial headline on this story was incorrect. We have since corrected the error to reflect the accuracy of the news.


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