Duer-gate is back in action. I’ve been informed that Duane Lewis, Assistant Commissioner for Communications, was fired from the SWAC office on Thursday for reasons that are unknown at this time.

Sources also confirmed that Esha Hand has resigned as Director of Championships and that Ashley Robinson (Assistant Commissioner for Compliance)has resigned to accept a compliance position with another SWAC program.

As we have discussed beforeand again, nothing is as it seems on the surface when working with SWAC commissioner Duer Sharp; especially when not one…not two… but three staffers leave within the course of a week. I will report more as details become available.


  1. maybe it’s a good thing that all three left,perhaps they’re not worthy of working for our swac office.I don’t think mr. Sharp is the problem.The problem has now left.So mr. Sharp please continue your work and do a good job for our swac office,thank you.

  2. lol, are you serious? You don’t turn a staff over twice in 3 years and not realize it’s the decision maker

    Bottom line, the presidents don’t care as everyone in the office is trying to learn how to run a Division I major conference just by looking at their bios in terms of experience. It starts at the top

  3. Mel, are you kidding. wake up! The problem is mr. Sharp as you have so kindly referred to him by. He is running the SWAC into the ground.

    It is obvious that everyone is trying to get away from the nut job (Duer).

    You should take off your rose colored glasses and you too will see that Duer is George Bush of the SWAC.

  4. I know a lot of the people that have worked in that office. Duer is a complete nut job. I even heard that he can’t even read! I guess the presidents of the SWAC schools don’t care. The conference office should just be disbanded. They are a true embarrassment and a disservice to their students.

    I’ve met Duer on several occasions and not only is he socially inept, he sweats a lot and just looks like a crook. I’ll be praying for whoever is left in that office.

  5. It’s sad because the folks we lost went to SWAC schools and had love for the Conference. I just pray that things get better; because the Conference is never going to move forward with all the inconsistencies.

    The only people that will ever know the real story about the “SWAC office drama” are the actual staff members.

    Individuals (spouses, friends, etc…) that think they know the real deal; don’t know a thing!

    GOD takes care of everything and when the KARMA comes around, everyone will finally see who or what the problem really was.

  6. Mel or should I say Melvin works for the SWAC and is the only person I know that primary responsible on a job is to give out SWAC t-shirts and oh yeah to BBQ on the sidewalk. Yes little known to everyone outside of Birmingham. The SWAC office brought a BBQ grill to downtown Birmingham and BBQ on the sidewalk. I just hope things get better over there, my love for SWAC is slowly dying… and as long as the bullshyt keeping going on I will begin to think twice about my support.

  7. Within the last few years of reading about the SWAC and being in the mist of business The SWAC has done a complete 180 in my eyes. People are looking at jobs that are lost but when you look at a new change such as a new office building, you need new people that will help bring the SWAC to another level. People that look in never see the good you see the flaws first. As a young black man why down him if you have opinion about the way he runs his office keep them to yourself. And for the ignorant comment about him not knowing how to read. WOW. Were going to need for you to re-think what you put on the web. And I just read about the BBQ grill why is that such a problem. Did you ever sit and think wow there’s a lot of homeless people in downtown Birmingham maybe that was one way of giving back to the community or helping out the mission. Well, opinion, opinion, opinion, stop looking at the bad and look at what’s to come for the SWAC and the turn around D Sharp is doing for his team, himself and the community. Or as my Child would say “STOP HATTEN!”


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