Thieves Hit North Carolina Dealer

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This just keeps on happening…​

Car thieves are like kids in a candy shop at dealerships in the middle of the night. This trend of criminals breaking in and taking whichever cars they like has become such a phenomena, we’re somewhat shocked dealers haven’t taken more steps to secure keys and vehicles overnight. One of the latest shocking examples comes via Charlotte, North Carolina where several cars were taken.

Learn why a dealer tried stealing the owner’s Corvette from his house here.

Among the stolen vehicles was a C8 Corvette, Dodge Challenger, Chevy Tahoe, and Jeep Compass Trailhawk. Working at just before midnight on a Sunday, when they knew nobody would be at the Chevrolet dealership, these thieves forced their way into the showroom and were able to gain access to the key fobs.

From there, they were able to choose whatever they wanted to take. We can understand why they wanted to take the C8 Corvette and Challenger, but surely there were some more valuable rides than the Tahoe and Jeep. Perhaps they had a shopping list from whoever is sponsoring them?