Tennessee lawmakers move to remove and replace Tennessee State University Board

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The same old same by the same folks, ... consistently underfund the school and play innocent while shifting the blame to the school for the consequences of the underfunding.

All state legislatures use the same play-book when it comes to HBCUs. It's a shame how many people fall for that game, considering it's the same play-book that is used to underfund, defund or deny funding for anything pertaining to black folks.

The white legislator that asked why are black kids walking by PWIs to attend an HBCU should have been asked the same about white kids walking past HBCUs to attend PWIs. We let folks like that get away with too much.
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Tennessee State University is back in the hot seat.

  • A year after a scathing report that was fiercely critical of the university's senior leaders, Republican lawmakers are moving to remove and replace the members of its governing board.
  • A bill that would vacate the board won approval from a Senate panel Wednesday.

Why it matters: The TSU board is in the midst of choosing a new school president. Overhauling the board now would likely change who gets to make that pivotal hire and would have long-term effects on university management.

  • Current president Glenda Glover, who was on the receiving end of lawmakers' ire, plans to retire at the end of the 2023-24 academic year.
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