Suge, I think you slippin'!

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Originally posted by Fortitude
Please stop Astrya. :lmao: You've won!!!! Put up your boxing gloves. :lmao: Bent = Broke Down = Frustration :(
Quit filling that gul's head up with that mess. She ain't done nothing. She can't get off the HOOK that easy. (pun intended)
Please forgive and accept my apology...

Originally posted by Storm_ofSU
I respectfully submit that you sisters (and some of you brothers :eek2: )
are confusing a curved member with a bent one. Curved or "hooked"
membership has its privileges :ebrow:. Bent ....awwww not so much. The
bent member will lead to a brother being forced to :licky: by a sexually
frustrated sister (or brother as the case may be :eek2: ) who couldn't
get theirs.


:lmao: ;) :lmao:

Now that it has been "broken" (pun intended) down to me, I understand and agree, the "HOOK" sho ain't the same as the "BENT"! :eek2: :lmao:

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Not open for further replies.