Sniper Strikes Again!


SU Jags!!!
He struck again tonight!!!!!!!!

I didn't even know it. My mom had to call me and tell me. I don't know how much more I can take. I am really afraid.

Lord help me!!! :bawling: :bawling: :bawling:


When the police find him, I hope they don't take him in right away. They need to take him somewhere secluded and beat dat aussie.

Seeing Spots

Joyful Woman!
You guys be careful!

I have no idea WHAT I would do if I lived in that area! We are continuously praying for you and for all the victims and their family. Hopefully, prayfully the police will get to capture whoever is doing this. I have two friends leaving today for that area. One has a conference in D.C. proper, the other one is headed to Baltimore. The one going to D.C. has had a migraine for 3 days just thinking about going.

Please be careful and let's all continue to offer up incessant prayer!


Retired Milkman
A suspect has been arrested, and a white truck in Richmond has been surrounded at this very moment. So hopefully these clowns have been caught.



SU Jags!!!
The picture of the van they have on CNN is a gray minivan. :confused: Nevertheless, I hope it's him or them or hell at least someone connected to that azzhole. :redhot: :redhot: