Reunited.....TSPN's Memory Lane

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Ntelekt said:

Look at Nita standing there with her son Sperm. :D

That's as precious today as it was then...:lol:
I was just about say Lol!!!!
Sperm looking a little kid, Kenn looking crazy, Nt looking like a Jamican :emlaugh: Fiyah needs to be in somebody pulpit
Tara said:
<img src="" border="1">

WOW!!!! :eek:

That REALLY takes it back. :lol:

I almost can?t believe what I?m seeing here.
I WISH I was around back then.
Dirty said:
Yeah Robber did the cussin' but blamed it on Get Ready. This big bad Texas state police came up there and got all in Get Ready's face .... I didn't know whether to :) or :( . I was hoping they didn't detect the large amount of alcohol on my breath.

Looking back on that day.....
aamuprettywoman - The coolest woman I've met on the boards. As long as you keep losing bets to me every year, we'll be cool. Oh, I'm glad you stopped shacking that wasn't you.
And you know this!:kiss: AND 4 the LAST TIME......



And the dude that fell over at the ATL Reunion bbq, and didn't waste a drop out of that cup. Anybody still got that pic.

Not sure about having the pic...I have several from the ATL reunion...
I'll have to check.
Dirty said:
If you can't name most of all the cats in that pic, you ain't old school TSPN...

<img src="" border="1">

I'm glad to see so many old faces still around the board:

* Kellis
* Ms J4J
* 'Nita the Nazi
* Sperm
* GSUperT
* Alpha72
* Kenn Rashad
* Fire923
* Lexxi/Lexxus
* Rex Chapman
* Tara
* and PV's Dr. Hinds :D
By the way, will there be a Cutty Buddy '05?

I'm partial to "almond-eyes" with sexy voices so I'd like dibbs on aamuprettywoman ... please.
Man will someone please tell me where the hell is Battle Cat? That dude done just fell of the face of the earth. If somebody sees him, tell him to bring his arse back over hea.
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I remember that first collage, I think Bg Jag redid it, and made it huge. Suge's big arse took up most of the picture.

Looking back on that picture I forgot about Barre Baby, and Alpha 72, schit Dr. West, I see you didn't forget Hassan's Rex Chapman looking arse. :D

Jag 03, you don't look the same bruh. Looking at your avatar now, would make people forget they thought you looked like Martin back in the day. :D

SOG, does the sight of Ms Black Night bring back memories? :nod:

D-NICE said:
SOG, does the sight of Ms Black Night bring back memories? :nod:


Thats Ms Black Knight w/ a "K", somebody was going nuts over her.....
:slap: I see I'm not the ONLY instigator 'roun henyah! :slap: lol@Fiyah. Bruh... :smh: :D

<img src="">

Straw was finna' break out his butta' cutta' cuz I was on his cutty-buddy. :uhoh: lol

Those pix R 2 funny!
MAN...this was some nice reading....Back in the day....Back in the day...

One thread that really got me going was the OCEAN THAT STOLE...;) Was that Robber?

The old Bandfan's HATRED for SU was RIDICULOUS! He got booted off the yard and never recovered...:)

What ever happened to CHOLLY!!!!!!!! An old MEAC nemesis?

1999...SU at JSU...GR walked from the top of the Stadium to his car without saying a WORD after the game. I swear I saw a TEAR! At the time..I believe Sylvestor Morris was Jerry Rice at the time. I will give this brother credit though...he hypes up his team BETTER than anyone I ever met. The athletic departments need to be begging to hire this guy for PR. Everyyear, JSU has the best QB and RB's in the nation...BAR NONE :)

I'll even pick on myself a bit...the post with the SU quarterback on his knees after a certain FAMU game got under my skin good...:)

One more note.....D-Nice....don't get suicidal on me.....

Ricky Jefferson and the SWIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He knows what I am talking about!

:uhoh: :uhoh: :uhoh:
Fiyah, I fogot to include the "K". I just started typing, and wasn't thinking.

Come on B. Dub. Suicidal....never that.....with another reunion being cancelled, I just got to thinking, that outside of football season, we may never have a place to sit back, and reminice(sp) face to face . That's all bruh.

SO*, get you a cold drink of water bruh.