Post here if........


Over the past few days it seems that nearly all your threads are about freaks, pudding, "Richards" etc. What's going on? Are you horny and has it been a while?

If soToo Bad, So Sad :D

I mean you need your own show:

1. The Hung and the Restless

2. Richard Hood

3. Another Twirl or Swirl (depending on how ya do it!)

4. The Weakest Limp.......:cool: :) ;) :p

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Every couple of months I get this way to find out what's on some of the Puddin's's on your mind?
I wonder what you would really do if some freaky pudding walked up to you and told you she really truly ooly wanted to slap it, flip it,and polish your "Richard"? This is what you want right? Could you hang or would you be like many of your counterparts--- no correlation between promises and actions?

Like my grandma use to say, everything that looks "sweet", ain't "sweet".

How do you break this SP addiction?
<----- is wondering if Chocolate Topaz was talking about herself and if he met her would she step to him like that.....:D :D