No Words Can Describe

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Re: No Words Can Describe....

You know....come on now.....that picture was funny as hell. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.....that picture was worth a million.....on top of all the crap you JSUers talked last week? You will be lucky if it ever ends.

899 views (and counting) on a thread that was started this morning? Come on now......LOL....That was epic (Cleb28, you out did yourself).....

Is there a hall of fame for threads?

I wonder why this thread ain't closed by now.:smh:
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Re: No Words Can Describe....

Robber and GR gets out the car...

GR walks off.... Robber is still standing by the car...

GR looks back... "What you waiting for man, lets go"..

Robber: "You ain't about to change ?!?!"

GR: "huh"

Robber: ~Aww damn... I gotta roll with this looking like this!~
"Well where your shoes and socks man??!?!"

GR: "huh?"

Robber: "Ain't this some shyt!!!"....:shame:

said "huh" twice lmfao, "Bum status" at its finest
Re: No Words Can Describe....

This is like watching Ali in his last couple fights just taking blows; women and men just crying watching their hero get the snot beat outta him. That's enough.

*Ali's corner throwing in the towel*

Re: No Words Can Describe....

Lmao, that GR found ROB after the game and said some shat like "Mayne u seen that shat mayne, TSU aint even that good"
Rob looked at that mayne gear once again and then looked away shakin his head, "yeah bruh they wasn't even that good" Lmao, he couldn't even bare to see the sight of that get-up again,
GR: "hey Rob, where we eatin at mayne" Lmfao so hard yo I quit, I quit
Re: No Words Can Describe....

Umm...i thought the quotation in post 127 was a pretty clear answer to that question.

If I have to explain it to you, then you just don't get it. Hey bruh why we keep going back and forth, why can we just team up on get ready and robber.

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Re: No Words Can Describe....

That's wild brah.. I just trying to figure what was going throw his head while packing that shyt..

"JSU jersey check!....these old worn out shorts check!!!....water proof rubber watch chezzeck!!!..flip flops... OFF TOP!!!...."...

~leaves the bedroom and goes to the garage~

~He realize he needed to get some tools out the shade where he keeps his old 84 Celica...~

~He bends down to pick up a hammer... then....see a hat under the car~..

"What's this....damn I ain't wear this boy since freshman year....CHECK!!!"

Calls Robber:
"Hey Robber, you ready to ROLL?!?!"

RObber: "Don't forget the POM POM dude!!"

Ok, now wait a damn minute you went too far insulting the 84 Celica, I had an 82 Celica at PV, best car I ever had :lol:
Re: No Words Can Describe....


"Do that man got on flip flops?!?!?!"


"I shole hope he don't put this on TSPN...I knew I shouldn't have come out here like this"

J, you stupid! LMAO in tears.
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