NCAA Hiring, Firing & Retiring Coaches - 2022-23

Will Wade and Chris Beard both recently got new jobs and Rick Pitino is back in the NCAA Tournament again while being rumored to be in consideration for the St. John’s job. A Black coach could never be in either of those three men’s positions given what they’ve done or been accused of.

“All we want is an opportunity to get out there and to try and a right to fail also. ... I’m sick of us having to be perfect to get the job,” John Thompson once said in the 1990s. A few years ago, college basketball watched as Black assistant coaches and middlemen became the scapegoats of the FBI’s investigation into the sport — as some of them went to, and still are, in prison. The white head coaches that they were working for, or with, didn’t spend a second in a jail or a prison cell, as most of them eventually got new jobs.