Mississippi politics in a nutshell


Deeeeep In The Delta.....
This has ties to Jackson State but it's much bigger than that

This article pretty much sums up most of the issues and clown **** (not including the refusal to expand Medicaid which has almost 40 hospitals on the verge of clsoing) which includes:

The attempted takeover of the Jackson Water System (which would include the $600 million earmarked by Congress)
The attempt by the state to set up unelected judges to oversee Jackson
The attempted takeover of the JPD

The continued attempt to take over Jackson-Evers Airport

Most probably will be struck down by federal judges but the mere fact that they are doing it lets you know where their priorities are. Elvis Presley's cousin better win in November or Mississippi is gonna be in a lot of trouble with these idiots running the state

Mississippi Lawmakers attempt to take over Jackson Water System