Lil Uzi and the Other Satan Worshiping Artist!!!!! Y’all Can Have Them

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Then tell the black community to stop propping these folks up. Along with white folks who empower these guys and make sure we see them while others struggle to get seen or heard.

We got more fluff and "shut up black men" articles on The Root and Grio instead of calling this stuff out.
If you have young children or grandchildren you need to know these people. Our children continue to be attacked and the attacks are getting more aggressive. There is a heavy offensive against our children.
Black people aren't propping these people up. They are being selected and forced upon the black community (from Uzi to Meg to Cardi B to (insert name)

This also includes your favorites like Beyonce, Drake, etc. because these people don't encourage black upliftment but are pushed as symbolic "victories" for it