Five Atlanta restaurants receive Michelin stars

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An elite group of Atlanta restaurants were named to the highly-coveted Michelin Guide, cementing their status among foodies and industry heads as the best of the best in the city.

Driving the news: Five eateries were awarded the one-star designation by Michelin on Tuesday night: Atlas, Bacchanalia, Hayakawa, Lazy Betty and Mujō.

What they're saying: Ligaya Figueras, senior editor for food, dining and living at the AJC, told Axios that the Guide "brings a certain respect" to the restaurants, particularly from outside the Atlanta area.

  • "That level of recognition can change the dining scene in the sense of bringing more attention to it," she said.
Zoom in: Michelin's star rating system includes three tiers and is based on five criteria, including product quality, cooking techniques and how the chef's personality is reflected in the cuisine.
Them michellin restaraunts be some good date nights but them joints be expensive and hard to get reservations at. Most of the ones here in DC don't even publish menus to like a week out and some not at all.
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I saw the restaurants on IG the other day and they can keep all that shit. Most of it are those decorative plates where you get about $20 worth of food but pay $200 for it because it's pretty.
They didn't get a star, but Busy Bee got an honorable mention from Michelin as well. It's good but it's too high for me. Last time I went I think I got a 3 piece wing with 2 sides and a drink and it was over 20 dollars. And that was probably 4 or 5 years ago.