Deion Sanders takes scathing shot at the Pro Football Hall of Fame & JSU Staff

It’s only embarrassing to those on the outside looking in. If y’all worked at JSU, y’all would know cameras are rolling 95% of the time so folks don’t even pay them no mind any more. This was a normal day. Y’all gone realize one day we are just that transparent with everything. Many people need/want to see stuff like this.

Btw, the leaders of each support staff group were there as well. They know how this goes. It is what it is

No they will not realize one day. They lose the capacity to think when Coach Prime is involved. It's quite baffling 😆
Speak your mind freely. Folks shouldn’t be afraid of the truth. That’s part of our problem now at HBCUs, folks can’t be honest with themselves and others.
Sorry SOBs in compensated leadership positions aren't mentally equipped to handle the brutal truth bruh.

Hence why I ride w/ coach P~ because he is attempting to make any and everything that touches his department great(est/er), regardless of position. If you are custodial tasked w/ cleanup, do it (cleanup) to the best extent possible @ 110% efforting. Well enough should never be good enough.

Let me shut it up.
Not true. We don’t even agree with everything he says lol. It’s the Prime fans that claim to be JSU fans all of a sudden that you’re talking about. A whole different group of people lol

Right.. Nobody agrees with everything anybody says. But they agreed with that dude who ranked them #1 in a personal poll when they beat two teams with a winning record. THEN tried to claim a national title off of it YET we are the delusional ones... LOL
From afar I look at the situation with Coach Prime the same way I look at the situation with Trump. There are people that no matter what the person that they follow says or does they will rationalize the best that they can to make it make sense.
Ain’t no way in hell a coach is gonna take me or me or my staff to the side to “scold” us while his child films it. The only person who should be doing that is the Athletic Director

and they know what they are doing - why they never film when a staff member responds back? it has been done lol