College Football Equipment Transport Trucks.

I saw that "Gordon" red strategically placed. Super duper nice JSU. 1st class operation, w/out doubt.

Be sure to have PLENTY of security near it at others' facilities because you already know disposable trash dummies will do what they were birthed to do: destroy and exact evil.
I love it. Only wish the words ‘Jackson State football’ or ‘ Jackson State University’ was placed somewhere on there. Not everyone knows what the block letters jsu stands for. But still extremely nice.

I agree because when people see it on the road, they will not know what JSU stands for.
Thanks for adding the new photos. Great looking truck at ZjSU this year. I read where KLLM was releasing four new rigs this year. I saw the video but not many photos. I will update my site with the four. Please post other programs as they arrive this year.

Harmon Hodge

The Atlanta Mafia

Good afternoon. I ran across this photo from the Alcorn State Facebook page. Is this used for football equipment or something else?



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