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Bama Stank been scamming for years and I can’t sit by no longer and let it go unchecked…

They get turf and tell you it’s state of the art, but they really purchased the field from that peel like grass …

They tell you they hiring Eddie Robinson Jr thinking it’s the Grambling great family member, but it’s really the man down the street who took your house when the city was trying to push you out for gentrification…

The team want Crawly but they get a great value version of Jalen Jones at QB that’s even more inaccurate throwing The ball than knockoff Lamar Jackson himself Ladarius Skelton….but tell you he got fo stars…


Bama stank that one friend that’ll tell you he wearing Nike but upon closer inspection he put a check mark on with a sharpie and told you defensively it’s Nike. Give us our homecoming theme song !!!!



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Bama St is the kind of people that would cheat a D2 that had been kicking their azzes for years.

I remember that Tuskegee TD that yall stole from them.
That was a sad day. They came in here and bragged about that being the biggest OOC win for the SWAC in a decade then we saw the picture of the touchdown the refs took from skegee.

Sad part was that it was HBCUSports/TSPN Member & Photographer in the picture who turned this camera up to avoid having evidence of the cheating.


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Man that was the saddest day in SWAC oh wait __amblin_ quitting was.
Actually, it was the day when Eddie Rob was standing in line at the Hole to buy his own ticket. If GR was here, he'll tell yall what he saw. He said,

"It was a cool brisk day. The birds where singing their song of LOVE and the squirrels where gathering their nuts getting ready for winter. The sun had just left its foot print across the light blue sky as dusk was creeping into the small town of "G"rambling. GR looked across from him, two (2) lines over and that's when he saw............"