A ‘vasectomy revolution’ threatens to plunge America into a population crisis

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There goes one of the reasons that some conservatives wanted to end abortion, it was their attempt to main population dominance. Immigration can solve this problem of fewer births.

When America’s Supreme Court overturned the historic Roe vs Wade ruling that made abortion a federally protected right, it triggered a fierce debate over women’s freedom – and led to a total ban on the procedure in 13 states.

Campaigners on both sides had predicted precisely such an outcome, but there was another unexpected side effect. America is now undergoing what urologist Esgar Guarín, of the SimpleVas clinic in Iowa, dubs a “vasectomy revolution”.

Across the country, more and more men are choosing to have the operation because they no longer have a back up option.

“Within the first 48 hours of the overturning of Roe v Wade, our clinic saw a 300pc increase in the traffic to our website. Then we had a 100pc increase in the number of vasectomies that we do in the clinic,” Guarín says.

The full force of the boom lasted four months, but even today the clinic’s vasectomy procedure numbers are still up by 50pc on levels seen before the Supreme Court decision.

If maintained, this surge is likely to have long-term consequences – and not just for the men involved. It could further exacerbate a decline in the US birth rate that is already putting long-term growth at risk in the world's largest economy.
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