2024 Football schedules

Personally I like valley schedule. It's not a padded schedule like the majority of the SWAC. One more home game and it would've been perfect
The AD is looking @ maximizing incoming $$$$. All regional games, less travel, all D-1 fcs, and has decent paydays @ the fcs level. Looks like a win-win to me.

Why pay to bring in a Texas College, VU-L club team, etc to beat up and then pay out $$$? Their student-athletes want to compete vs D-1 (fcs) like the others in our conference who signed at our schools.

And on that note, I "smell" a D-1 fbs school on PV's fall 2024 schedule. We don't want txtech, utep, utsa, txst, et al low financial ballers to exact a beatdown on us.