Y’all Ever See a Lady So Fine and Beautiful That You……

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Stopped what you were doing and called
Your momma and told her about it!!!! That’s when you know a woman fine!!!!!
When we were in Dubai, we saw this sheik checking the the hotel in front of us, he was a dark brother and had 3 wives that were so beautiful and smelled like the roses from coming to America. These ladies were so beautiful they made the bourka look good and even my wife had to comment on their beauty, she even said they looked happy with the sheik. I asked my wife if we could get an extra wife while we were there, but that didn't go over well LOL
Mane I seen this broad with so beautiful today on the train then she smiled. The upside is you can bring these broads home and they loyal. The downside is you better have a good dental plan........ Wake up mitches.