Tuskegee AD has DI plans, says Nick Saban should schedule HBCUs


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“Now Coach Saban just say you sorry in public and walk down to your AD’s Office and say ‘ “We need to play all the FCS HBCU in the state of Alabama because we are the only university in the state not playing the Alabama State’s or Alabama A&M’s in our great state,” Ruffin wrote in a Facebook note on May 20.

Ruffin revealed that Tuskegee, which hired him from rival Miles College the winter, is looking to move to Division I.

“BTW you not going to leave Tuskegee University out of it because we are going D1 and yes I said it,” Ruffin continued.

Ruffin outlined a plan that would see Alabama pay $1.5 million to the state’s FCS HBCUs on a rotating basis as a starting point.

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Coach Ruffin need to sit down, and just worry about beating Miles in November.

I do applaud Coach Saban for not even scheduling a HBCU. Because, it would just be a complete massacre.


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Baby steps

How about getting some stadium lights first.

(By the way, Ole Miss has never played a HBCU either so Roll Tide is not alone)