The 2023 SWAC Baseball Tournament


Settle Down Black Man GIF by Everdale
The lack of baseball IQ is appalling from the G-Men. In the top of the 2nd (before 3-run double) we were ahead in the pitch count 0-2 or 1-2. Instead of having the batter chase the pitch, the pitch comes right down the pipe where the BCC batter lined it to center field.

Another example is BCC has a husky runner on 2nd (his physique informs that he is no threat to steal) and our pitcher tries to pick him off and throws behind our 2nd baseman in the outfield advancing the runner.

I cannot watch anymore self-inflicted wounds.
gsu may get run ruled in this game 11-2 in the 4th, bcu has the bases loaded with 1 out.
Again the SDN has been really good quality on Youtube so I dont get why don't use it more

It's better than most ESPN+ broadcasts

They should have stuck with the SDN over ESPN3. Championship game don't even have any play by play.