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Just resumed watching. I'm on Episode 3 of Season 4. Took me a minute to remember the characters and things that happened in previous seasons.

LOL at all of my thoughts from previous posts. My opinions remain the same. In the words of Richard Pryor, "white folks are crazy."

I've also already alluded to it before on previous posts, but If someone can come up with a crazy dark script like I see from episode to episode, it really makes me wonder what is really going on behind the scenes in my own corporate world. As I've gotten older, I truly recognize how some just look at others as a mere pawn in the game. #sheesh

In summary, the twist and turns in these plots are just too good. The actors carry out everything so naturally.....

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So did I!!!

What a hell of a cliffhanger!!! I want to respect those who may not have seen it yet, but all I will say is this...if this is going to a showdown between Ruth and the cartel. I'm rolling with Ruth! 😂

It took me forever to get to finish the 1st part of this season and DAMMMMMMMMMM


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I was just gonna watch a few episodes on monday afternoon and ended up watching the entire part 2 season.