Mission Impossible


Running and Gunning
Mission Impossible: Photos Enclosed

This is a fax which was received by me on Friday @ 12:00

Mr Dirty,

We have noticed you have been surveilling activities by theTexas Swacpage Tailgaters for the past year.. Here is your mission if you choose to accept...

A. Infiltrate Said Tailgate
B. Provide Detailed Photographic Analysis of Said Function
C. Report Back to the HQ when done...
D. Drink Plenty of Beverages to Keep Your Strength Up...

Of Course I accepted the Mission...

Here is the evidence:


BattleCat Chilling At the Residence of the Evans'


Phatback w/ big Arse Glass in Hand


Blu Look: Sausages!!! Yummy?


Fiyah and Lex


Getready and Lex


Tara sings a freestyle verse to Afroman " I woulda bought two flags but I was high..... Doooo Woooo ooooooo" - You had to be there....


Robber - He believes he can fly... (Check Out His Cape)


Running and Gunning
I am going to expose them all

All Robber and Get Ready did was sleep the whole weekend... They both flew in (whooo an whole hour in the air, how tiring!!!) So where's the pics bruh? You were back home before I even hit the road back to Jackson... So I drove six hours, got home, unpacked, went to the 1hr photo place, came home, scanned an @$$ of pics and posted some before you can upload them from your digicam? ha ha

next stop Capital City Classic.....


My pics are up at this point, but let me set you clowns skrait on a thing or two. I have never posted my pics on Sunday. EVER!!! See, I spend my Sundays watching NFL all day long and then the highlights afterward. So, my pics won't be up until Monday at the earliest. Ain't nobody slippin. Definitely not me.