Mane, you sure da h@ll can't make this stuff up

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"Leader of Kings"


Bill Doba
It's a win. I think they made some mistakes early and made is pretty easy for us to score. I was happy with the win, obviously, but I thought we became a little lethargic, particularly in the second quarter. We spoke with the kids at halftime and said you either get better or you get worse, don't remain the same. I thought we lost our focus a little bit.

We came out in the third quarter and rallied back, put up a couple of scores. It was a great opportunity to play a lot of young kids again; our three freshmen linebackers were playing quite a bit, which is going to be valuable down the stretch. :lmao:

I think we need a little break and I think we need to go one against one and get some good, hard work. :lmao:

It probably wasn't (Brink's) best game, I'll have to look at the tape. He made some good throws, some good checks, but we just weren't sharp. Not that I am unhappy with the win, but we have to play better than that in the Pac-10 to survive.
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FIRST DOWNS................... 12 27
RUSHES-YARDS (NET)............ 37-11 48-204
PASSING YDS (NET)............. 197 311
Passes Att-Comp-Int.................... 31-14-1 35-22-0
TOTAL OFFENSE PLAYS-YARDS..... 68-208 83-515
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Grambling drove to the Cougars' 3, but stalled. Shawn Millson then missed a 26-yard field goal attempt wide left.

Washington State responded, taking the ensuing drive 80 yards in just 2:08, with Harrison scoring his first 1-yard TD.


The Cougars haven't lost to a I-AA school since 1947 and weren't in any jeopardy yesterday. The score was 24-0 at halftime and 34-0 when the Tigers scored in the third quarter to avoid the shutout.


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Ohhh Man please tell me that the World Shamed did not go up to Seattle wearing this Bull Schaytt!

I wish that I could. :emlaugh:


Not only that, they went up there stealing SU?s move and trying their best to impersonate their Superior.

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Southern beats Prarie View then have the nerve to smack...I guess when we play Concordia we will come in here an talk shyatt...
MikeBigg said:
Those Wazzou unis remind me of Nichols State... Don't show these pics to Pete.

Switch colors and some of the players colors they would remind me of
Valley....but don't show those pics to Pete.

No man it's sweets not nasty.

Ah isht sweets, let me the hell up from here.

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Look like the cougars came in packs to get them some tiger meat. LOL

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"Greetings and felicitations. Dayum, uhhh..... I come in peace!!!! I come in peace!!!!! Dayum, blow the whistle, BLOW THE WHISTLE!!!!!!" :scared: :scared:
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