Little-lush-Bush is at it again!


Ace Dawg! RQQ!!!!
Just saw on the news that Jenna Bush was arrested, again. This time she was trying to use someone elses driver's liscense to purchase alcohol. **SMH**:(

I guess she won't make it to the reunion. :D

Oops!!! Now they say she wasn't arrested but, it's not determined whether she will be charged or not.
Why are we surprised?

Her daddy was a Bud (or was it BUSCH) drinking, snow blowing weedhead, and now he runs the country!

Forget AA ...

BILL CLINTON send help (he's but a nympho, and he didn't inhale)!
...unh, unh, unh...

"Like father, like daughter"???
This child needs her spoiled brat @$$ beat with barb wire!!
Yep I was wrong!!!

I remember getting on here and saying "cut her some slack" after her first little escapade. Don't even think it was a month ago. But now OOOOO NOOO. She needs her little behind tore up. I don't understand. If I was President you can be my child would have been in front of me in 3 hours or less with a broken behind 15 minutes after that! She don't need no help. She's just a dumb spoiled out of control brat. I mean stupidity only goes so far!!!
I can't really hate on her...

I know I'd be ackin a ass too, if my Pops ran da country. :goodbad:
Re: I can't really hate on her...

Originally posted by MR.T
I know I'd be ackin a ass too, if my Pops ran da country. :goodbad:

Who you telling brother. I would probably feel as if I could get away with anything. Im surprised Secret Service didnt try to cover this one up. After seeing all these movies about how they try to protect the first family, NO MATTER WHAT THAT MENAS, I would think that this one would have never left that liquor store.
The Lush

I remember the last time she got in trouble with alcohol people were here saying, cut the girl some slack. She's a college kid having fun. Well, the girl is a dumb college kid that is constantly getting caught. Does she think the people in Austin not know who SHE is???

I'll say it again, The apple does not fall far from the tree...
Well, I don't guess the apple DOESN'T fall too far from the tree.

They're both stupid!
Re: I can't really hate on her...

Originally posted by MR.T
I know I'd be ackin a ass too, if my Pops ran da country. :goodbad:

Piss on investigation of buying alcohol. They would be investigating my recent purchase from High Times :goof:
Breaking News

They both were issue citations today.

dubya is gonna be pissed now......

They are now changing the drivers license for people under 21, Dept of Public Safety moved fast on this

DPS unveils new look for underage driver licenses

New vertical driver licenses for people under the age of 21 were unveiled Tuesday by the Texas Department of Safety, where officials hope the new design will help deter underage drinking and tobacco use.

The design also comes with beefed up security features aimed at making it harder to make fakes


The licenses will be up-and-down, compared to the current Texas driver's license, which is horizontal, like a credit card. The person's photo will be at the bottom, instead of on the right, and a picture of the Texas Capitol will appear in the background.

Licenses for people 21 and over will remain horizontal, but will include the new security features and Capitol design.

The vertical licenses are "not going to stop the underage drinking problem, but it will help," Lewis said.

The licenses will make it easier for merchants, wait staff and others selling alcohol to recognize underage customers, he said