Jackson State University Sonic Boom of the South (2023-2024)

Congratulations to one of the Greatest of the Greats.
Very Intriguing Performance from the Jazz Combo.
The sound of those Chords took me back in time to the
Dr. William Davis Era!!! "Astonishing"
Russell Thomas is a Jackson State treasure!

Over the past couple of weeks, Sabrina Howard has been working diligently to complete a mural on the corner of Florence Ave. and University Blvd. She was commissioned by JSU’s Office of Community Engagement to complete the work of art.

This location was selected because of its proximity to Porter’s Insurance, a life long supporter of JSU. Gailya Porter, owner of Porter’s Insurance has been trying to get University Blvd. cleaned up for some time. This mural is just one way JSU is supporting these efforts.

The selection of a drum major of the Sonic Boom of the South is a perfect reflection of West Jackson and the pride we have for our band.