I Know Deion Not SWAC But Look at What He Did

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"He does not deserve death threats over a game," said Sanders, who later added that Colorado has forgiven Blackburn.

"I forgive him," Sanders said. "Our team forgives him. Travis has forgiven him. Let's move on."
I am not a fan of Deion it is what it is. The problem I have with these new age black folks who don't understand that life itself is a hustle. In life either you sink or swim. One thing I heard the elders say as a child which I have seen come true as an adult is "A ninja will make his mouth say anything and believe". I have seen folks who were so pro black over my 30 year corporate career when we were starting out sell their souls to the devils at 40-50. I have seen those who acted uppity come to realization after those devils knocked them down to reality. I said all that to say is that if you get stuck in the moment and caught up hating or being a fake activist life will pass you by. Never believe what a ninja tells you. It's always side talk and a lie. Everything has an outcome. We shall see what comes out of this Deion stuff. Good or bad there will be a outcome. I remember when black folks took sides against Ali vs Frazier. Hell yall still argue over King vs Malcom when they were both trying to get us to the same place. Black folks just need drama. Yall feed off of it. Yall mad at Oprah and the Rock for raising money. Yall said Oprah should give all her money up yet yall want help your own momma, sisters, brothers or cousins. Drama and black folks go hand in hand.
I didn't like how 60 minutes portrayed Jackson. They only showed the run down houses. I'm sure Colorado has some run down areas also.

Crime and a meth epidemic

So glad Coach Reed and Coach Taylor have publicly pushed back


Why are you all hating on Prime? That man helped poor JSU get back to being competitive. He was able to help HBCU's get TV exposure. He helped JSU get a new practice field and bring in corporate dollars. What more do you want from that brother?
Did Prime help Joshua in the Battle of Jericho?

Did Prime help Daniel in the lion's den?

Did Prime help GILLIGAAAAAAAAAAAN! get off the island?

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Yeah they are going to far with this. Colorado is white as snow. The Primettes take it to far.

WHAT????? Every time I see a clip of Colorado fans in the stands-I have YET to see a POC let alone a black person in the stands.

Do they even have non sport playing blacks on campus?
Say what you wanna say ...

But these next few weeks are his test. Oregon pulled the horses back in the third quarter. FAMUs Billy Joe would've tried to break the scoreboard on him.

Now they'll go back to Boulder as a likely double-digit underdog to USC. IMO, this is the test. Can he motivate them to get off the floor and face USC. And what happens if USC gets up by double digits ... will they fold?

And he's talking about 7-8 more "dawgs" in the trenches. This is different than FCS where he KNEW he could out recruit everyone. Problem is, the big boys got the money and resources, too, and being Prime alone isn't going to get all of them. Plus, Shedeur's what ... a junior? He's got one more year of QB play before trying to develop a QB he didn't skeet out himself.