Homestead teacher confesses to having sex in classroom with 12-year-old


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How sick in the mind do you have to be in this world now

If he lives until he gets to jail, he is going to have a boyfriend when they get through with him. This is awful, throw away the key after locking him up. It is terrible that this will affect the poor victim the rest of her life smh


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How sick in the mind do you have to be in this world now

I'm confused was it a girl or boy that he molested? Either way, he will get jail justice. Sick MF.

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This is sick! He will be somebody's girlfriend in prison.

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Seems like these folks at school can't stop preying on kids, man. SMH.

A high school nurse raped a 15-year-old student repeatedly and kissed him in her office, Missouri police say. The nurse, 26-year-old Candice Elizabeth Johnson, is accused of raping the student 12 times over the course of four months, according to a probable cause affidavit from the Kennett Police Department. The student told police that he and Johnson began meeting up for sex in October while also sending naked pictures to each other during those months.

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