Excerpts from The Business of the Mind (A Monthly Devotional Reader) by Larry Yarbrough Sr. and Timothy Johnson)


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Late last year, a colleague gifted me with a monthly/devotional/book that he cowrote. It was right on time as it has served to keep me inspired and motivated spiritually. I'm still few chapters away from completing and moving on to another book. Yet I thought I'd share some excerpts that could bless others as I finish it within the ensuing weeks/months.

Prayer Focus- "Dealing with My Enemies"

The Context--> When you are having to face being lied to, talked about negatively, or accused of something of which you were not meeting...Facing an enemy who does not want to see you successful... It's human to want revenge on accusers/humans, etc., yet in due time, if we can just continue to stay on our purpose, life will deal with the enemy in the situation...

Biblical Example-->David in 1 Samuel 24:1-7 faced the jealousy of Saul while escaping being killed by Saul repeatedly. When the opportunity came and Saul's life was in the hands of David, David could have murdered him, but he did not. He allowed God to touch his heart and not seek revenge. In fact, God himself took care of Saul eventually as Saul's own deceitful ways did him in.

The Prayer--> Heavenly Father, although enemies may seek to destroy our names, reputation, and life, with your help, revenge will not be sought. Strength is asked to forgive those who consistently and on purpose try to cause hurt and pain. One cannot do this without you. With the spirit of Jesus within me, thanks for a heart of flesh and not of stone to love unconditionally. Amen...
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