Deion possibly leaving JSU??

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Nebraska? Like on Belly?

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Will his behind the scene funding sources stay or follow him? If it's true they'll want him recruiting immediately instead of wasting time in Atlanta


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If Prime leaves JSU 50% of the team goes to transfer portal and within a year the program is back to what it was 5 years ago.

😆 🤣 😂 😹 this is what y'all praying for on Thanksgiving huh lol. Just know that whatever we were 5 years ago is still twice as good as tissue lol


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Hell no. He want even be mentioned but from outsiders. Jsu would go with TC Taylor before a fuckn flea.
Amazing how non-JSUers, non-supportive, and uninvested folk are the only ones chiming in w/ this tomfoolery.

JSU has a date w/ undeniable destiny to win the SCG and then bring the CB trophy home where it belongs, on JSU's campus and to the SWAC. That's all that matters right now. The college business after the season is over will take care of itself.
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