Dad pleads guilty to getting baby high


Dad pleads guilty to getting baby high

June 12, 2001

A South Lafourche man pleaded guilty Monday to charges that he blew marijuana smoke in his 18-month-old son?s face in an effort to get him high.

Curtis J. Strausbaugh Sr., 19, of Cut Off, pleaded guilty to cruelty to a juvenile before 17th Judicial District Judge Jerome J. Barbera III. Strausbaugh faces up to three years in prison, although Assistant District Attorney Heidi Mabile said he might not serve that much time.

"He can get up to three years, with the condition of a pre-sentencing investigation," Mabile said. "The judge will look at the results of the investigation and make his determination (on Strausbaugh?s sentence)."

The sentencing is scheduled for Sept. 12 in Barbera?s courtroom.

Strausbaugh and his girlfriend, Tiffanie Daigle, were arrested in November after an anonymous caller reported to Crimestoppers that Strausbaugh would blow marijuana smoke in his son?s mouth and watch as the boy inhaled it. The child would become semi-conscious and stumble around until he passed out, the caller told police.

Strausbaugh also reportedly put Crown Royal whiskey and Coca-Cola in the baby?s bottle and fed it to him.

When arrested, Strausbaugh gave police a statement admitting blowing the smoke into his son?s face on several occasions. Afterward, however, he denied doing anything to harm his son.

The boy was taken away from Strausbaugh and Daigle and placed in the custody of family members.

Daigle also pleaded guilty Monday to cruelty to a juvenile, garnering a five-year suspended sentence on the condition that she serve 30 days in parish jail, Mabile said. She was also sentenced to two years of supervised probation upon her release.

Strausbaugh also pleaded guilty to drug charges stemming from a December arrest, Mabile said. Strausbaugh was present at a house on East 72nd Street in Galliano when Lafourche Parish Drug Task Force agents went in and made arrests for marijuana use. Strausbaugh was charged with possession of marijuana and contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile, since he and others were smoking in front of a 16-year-old.
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