Colorstruck - 2002


<i>&ldquo;I hate how there are some guys who are only interested in you because you're something different.&rdquo;


As, I was scanning through JST's iCandy threads, I actually read one of the magazine covers she was on and decided to post this topic.

We all say, &ldquo;To each his own.&rdquo; and &ldquo;We all have preferences&rdquo;, but I want to know your true opinions about people who are colorstruck in 2002.

Why do you think they feel the way they do? Why do they exclude certain shades of their own race or even venture out into something &ldquo;different?&rdquo;

And I don't want to hear the &ldquo;Love is blind&rdquo; excuse because I'm speaking about when you're at the club, gym, school, etc. and there are about 3 - 4 males or females and you only are interested in hollering at one because of their skin tone.

Discuss amongst yourselves ...


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I don't think I am color struck. I don't discriminate based on a man's skin color. I do tend to find that I am more attracted to men with dark skin. It really is just a preference just like some people are more attracted to someone with a smaller build. That doesn't mean I will ignore a person because they aren't dark. Sometimes we miss out on some of the best things because they aren't in the package we were looking for.


Why are you attracted more to men with dark skin?

<font size="1">Trust me, I'm not picking on you.</font>


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I really don't have the answer for that. Its just I've noticed it in the past few years. I remember when I was younger I did discriminate. I only liked fair skinned men. I remember my mother telling me the older I got the more I would appreciate all men, and she was right. I just know when I see a man with nice, deep, chocolate skin it does something for me. I can honestly say I don't discriminate because the last few men I have been involved with did have lighter skin.


There's no reason why someone is first attracted to another person, that's just the way our brains are wired. I'm attracted to women who appears to be stuck up, don't no why, that's just the way it is. My favorite color is blue, don't no why, I just like it.
Sometimes though we choose things and people on how they make us feel.


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If we are going to use Amerie as an example, the article refers to her supposed exoticness. She is half Black and half Korean. She was saying that some people were only interested in her because she was mixed.

Personally I don't believe I am colorstruck or whatever. Each person's life experiences mold them into the person that they become. I have heard comments from people like "I never dated a redbone, I wonder what that will be like?" I look at them like... Why should it make a difference what complexion a person is? The media has really been doing a poor job. I see the little kiddie shows which have all-white casts with a token mixed kid. (A pure black would never have made it to suburbia, right?) It happens all the time.

I believe we had this discussion before somewhere else, and it was pondered why people were only posting about light skinned women ( the video ho). It is really hard with the way magazines and tv operate to find more than a handful of darker skinned women. If it isn't an article about Jamaica, or the African Continent, forget it. Faced with all of this media bias, it is no wonder that people carry the views that " White is Right, Brown can Stick around, and Black get Back!"


I agree with the fact that we are all attracted to certain things about certain people. Me, myself, I find myself attracted to yellow/red bone gentlemen. Don't know why either, it's just like that. I would not discriminate gentlemen of other skin tones. Yes, it is true that when you get older you do tend to appreciate gentlemen of all shades, I know I sure do!:D

I don't think that people are excluding people beyond their preference, they just prefer one thing versus the other.


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Sounds like we got some candidates....

We might as well rework the famous line Whites been using for years to...

"Why some of my best friends are _FILL_IN_THE_BLANK_ - skinned..."

Jim Crow and Willie Lynch send HELP!!!


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The only thing the men I've dated have had in common is that they've all been Black. Dark skinned, light skinned, in-between skinned, thin, thick, short, tall ... I don't have a preference.

One time, at a gas station, I had a guy tell me, "You know, you have the assets, but I don't date mixed girls."

I won't even tell you what I said. You already know it got real UNPLEASANT for that mofo.


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The issue of people being colorstruck is something that has been a part of Black America since Dwight Man starting bringing slaves to this country. It has been so ingrained in us that white is right, better,etc. I for one don't think I'm colorstruck. In my single days I dated all shades in the African American spectrum. Now I will admit, my preference is women of a darker shade. It is something about a dark chocolate woman, with real and combed hair, that just does something for me.

The sister I would tend to shy away from if I were single would be the sista with all that Summa Hair.


<-----------Not color struck. Well........unless she's so black until she turns purple, so maybe I am color struck in someway.


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Man people who get all caught up in a person's complexion are silly. I know I don't care what color she is. I have dated all types of women.

I think that if more men quit worrying about a woman's skin tone, and started to pay more attention to the length, texture, bounce, body, and style that a woman wears her hair, we would all be much better off. Looking at a women for her skin is shallow, you people need to get a grip on have to look at her hair to really know something about her!:D


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But I have never had a preference, I look at persona.........*looking around for fellow spoons*...lity first.


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This probably goes back to that "slave mentality" too. People tend to think that "light" is close to white, so it's better. I don't know I'm just thinking out loud. Now, I like BLACK men...don't really care what shade they are. I use to be stuck on the chocolate brothers but I found out that when you limit yourselves too much, you miss out.


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Well, first. Denial is just a road block. Others are color struck too, but they will never admit to it. Secondly, we all have standards. Some people dont date people because of their weight, their background and heritage (for my southern La folks, you all know), and other reasons. Now, is that right? But it is done neverthaless. I just admit to mines. I like Creoles!!!!!!!!!!


Originally posted by Blacknbengal
Well, first. Denial is just a road block. Others are color struck too, but they will never admit to it.

Nah bruh.. I'm not colorstruck.

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*stepping up to mike*

Ahh is this thing on??? Oh yeah...I just got to say.....

I'm colorstruck!!!! That's right, I'll strike any doggone color that movin' Black, White, Puerto Rikkin, everybody I am freaking!!
Dutch, Afghanni, Japanese...I don't care I aim to please!!!!

Ahhh that all I got to say.

*wonder if that's what they meant by colorstruck?? :confused:


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This is such a sensitive topic for me! :( :lol:

Anyway, the thing that I've been trying to explore is why do we have these preferences and where did they stem from? Parents? Relatives? Friends? Music Videos? (I'm not going there today! :shame: )

During my teenage and college years, I've always had a thing for the redbone/light-skinned, "pretty-boy" type. I honestly don't know where it stemmed from, unless it was TV, because I had the biggest crush on Al B. Sure and Christopher Williams! :nod: In fact, my first college boyfriend was a spitting image of Christopher Williams. Had I paid more attention to his persona and not his looks, then I would have know within the first week that his azz was crazy!! :xeye: :lol: Even during this time, when I attended my first Freak-Nik in 93, my cousin called me "colorstruck" because dayum near every guy that I hollered at or took a picture with was light-skinned! :smh:

Eventually, I grew out of this "Shallow Hal" mentality (at least I think I have) and began focusing on a man's inner beauty. I'm at a point where I'm not concerned about his complexion. Long as that mo foe got a job, a wonderful personality and is do-a-ble (meaning, he doesn't have to be Shemar Moore, but no Shabba either! :lol: ), then that's all that matters to me. :nod:


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I like AMERIE because I just love tall women with long hair and beautiful bodies no matter what color of shade they are........

Its just somethin sexy about a tall girl....who got all the right curves!


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Originally posted by Tara

Nah bruh.. I'm not colorstruck.

Have you ever found yourself dating some of the same kind of men? I know you may have veered off path a couple of times, but dont you seems to go back to the same ones?