As Deion prepares to leave can the SWAC become a place where young coaching talent proves itself before moving on?


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Look at what the previous coaches inherited and the short leash they were given. He don’t win 5 games the first year and 5 the second, he’s gone.

I think Deion can be ok in year 1 if he can some how put up 3-4 wins because of his name. They have been pretty bad for a while, so putting Deion in an early hit seat I can make their job extremely unattractive for the next available splash hire. I hear you on year 2, but I don’t think they would be rid of him after 2 years if he wins less that 5 games both year. If he goes 4-8 and 4-8 again, then year 3 would have to be a 7 win season along.