Are HBCU’s doing it like this (Do we need too)


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Pool parties with Brian Kelly, photoshoots and so much food: Inside an LSU official visit
No, HBCUs should not do it like that. If we try to get into a "spending war" with pwis, we are going to lose every time. All of that superfluous recruiting, imo, is unnecessary. We must continue to be genuine in our approach to recruiting because we have something of a natural, insulated advantage, I like to think. Most importantly, we must convince recruits and their parents that a rock-solid education is in the offering as well as opportunities for professional post-collegiate engagement. Additionally, we must highlight all the other advantages of attending a HBCU.and drive home the point of the raised exposure HBCUs are getting, including television exposure.
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I mean, some HBCU programs are having recruiting weekends with pics, food, activities, decorated hotels, etc. It is happening…maybe not on as grand of a scale, but it is happening.

And it is VERY necessary.