Now that Greg LaFluer has been found not guilty of attempting to take part in the world’s oldest profession during last year’s Final Four in Houston, does he have a case against Southern University for firing him prematurely?

According to court documents, the former Southern University athletic director said the university failed to allow an opportunity to refute the charges levied against him before his April 2011 termination.

LaFleur is seeking damages, along with his base salary, for the rest of his contract that expires in 2013.

The cause alleged by Southern does not constitute just cause, good cause, reasonable cause, or other cause, according to the suit filed against the Southern University Board of Supervisors.

Southern officials, however, said the school has not been served with the civil suit.

“I was driving back from Houston and got a phone call. They told me I was fired,” LaFleur told WAFB-TV this week. “I would like to get my reputation restored and get back to work on a college campus.”

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