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Thread: Transexual or Real Woman: How can you tell?

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    Talking Transexual or Real Woman: How can you tell?

    I was watching MANSERS on SPIKE the other night and they answered the question on how you can tell a real woman from a transexual no matter how good the cosmetic surgery is. According to the experts, SURGENS, there is only one way to tell for sure.

    It's not the THROAT.........That can be shaved.
    It's not the feet...............Women have big feet too.
    It's not the voice..............Hormone shots can raise the voice pitch.

    According to the experts, the only thing that cannot be changed through surgery is the FINGERS. They said that you can tell by looking at the RING and INDEX FINGERS.
    A MANS INDEX FINGER is longer than his RING finger.
    A WOMANS INDEX FINGER is shorter than her RING finger
    (99% or better)..........according to the experts.

    So men and women, look at those two digits and post if it's true.
    The SWACPAGE CSI want to know for sure in a wide ranging survey.

    Ole JSTATE83, Staggalee83, JSU83, PLAYERS index finger is way longer than my ring finger on both hands so I'm ALL MAAAAAAAAAN PEOPLE.
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