HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Three suspects have been charged in a home invasion this week where all of the occupants of a southeast Houston home were forced to strip naked.

Pedro Umana and his sister, Esmerelda Umana, along with her husband, Cordell Smithers, allegedly knocked on the victims' door at 4am. When she answered the door, the suspect, Pedro Umana, allegedly put a gun to the victim's head and bound the hands and feet of the two other occupants.

While Smithers and his wife shoved two of the occupants in a closet and proceeded to ransack the house, Pedro Umana remained in a back room with a female occupant where an alleged sexual assault took place.

The trio allegedly stole property from the residence along with a vehicle. Smithers was stopped while driving the stolen vehicle and that led to the arrests of the two other suspects.

Law enforcement says all three suspects have confessed. It's alleged that at least one of the suspects is a member of the 'Tree Top Bloods.'

We're gathering more details on this story and will have updates on Eyewitness News this afternoon.


Who in the hell opens the door at 4am? There is no way I would open my door for anyone at that time of morning. Glad no one was killed, & the 3 suspects were caught & are now in jail. People need to wake up & get it together for real. But on another note, the story doesn't indicate that anyone was forced to strip unless they are talking about the victim who was sexually assulted.